Master in European Economic Integration and Development


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The beginning:
Master in European Economic Integration and Development
VUB Course on Regional Development – Academic Year 2010-11
Prof. Andrea MAIRATE
"Competition Policy and Regional Aid control"
1. Introduction
2. State Aid and the Crisis
2.1 Intervention in the financial sector
2.1.1 The regulatory framework for financial sector support
2.2 Temporary measures in response to the economic crisis
2.2.1 The regulatory framework for economic crisis measures
3. State Aid control, Regional Policy and the Crisis
3.1 Regional aid spending in perspective
3.2 Case Study: Greece
4. Regional Aid to Large Investment Projects
4.1 In-depth assessment of regional aid to large investment projects
4.2 European Investment Fund
4.3 Positive effects
4.4 Negative...
The end:
.....d of the dictatorship of the free market. Others, however, have cautioned that government intervention exacerbates the problem, creates uncertainty and slows the market response. There is, it has been argued, a need for a broader reflection on how Member States view the role of State aid in their economies. There is also a need for the Commission to reflect on where its response to the crisis leaves State aid control: the ‘more economic approach’ and the increasingly restrictive regime of recent years arguably pushed against an open door, but the Commission has not so far acknowledged that the crisis challenges the ideological premises of the ‘more economic approach’. It may be optimistic to assume that ‘normal service will resume shortly.’