Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System: Some Successes


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Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System: Some Successes
The purpose of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System is to improve the skills necessary not only to finish and graduate from high school but to prepare students for college by honing the language, writing, reading and math skills. “In 2005, Massachusetts became the first state ever to place first in all four categories of the National Assessment of Educational Progress, generally known as the Nation's Report Card. When the test was next administered in 2007, the commonwealth did it again. This achievement is thanks to the landmark 1993 Massachusetts Education Reform Act” (Chieppo and Stergios 2008, p. 19). While these scores are total scores- including charter school...
The end:
.....nts can actually perform, because of the atmosphere for testing and the need to show positive results no matter what, or how.
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