Mass Media’s Effects on our Perspectives of Politicians


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Mass Media's Effects on our Perspectives of Politicians
The image of the American politician used to be one of infallibility and elusive, however, with the advancement and prevalence of mass media devices such as radio and television, the danger of politicians being viewed as “impotent clichés” is becoming more and more predominant (
, 1985, p. 269). According to
, the “great leader image depends on mystification and careful management of public impressions,” and the impact of electronic media of communications almost makes it impossible to find a great leader (
, 1985, p. 270).
argues that this is because the “traditional balance between rehearsal and performance has been upset” in that...
The end:
.....icantly greater effort and time to get that information to the public.
argues that electronic mass media has affected politicians and political life in that it has merged political styles, ritual, and stages; it has made it harder to hide information; and it has moved private-public events to public-public events. While I generally agree with
propositions, I do not believe that politicians in the past had no political styles and rituals to conform to. However, I do agree with the author that it would be significantly easier to hide information without mass electronic media.
, J. (1985). No sense of place: the impact of
electronic media on social behavior. New York: Oxford University Press.