Mass Media and the Democratic Political Process in Canada


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The beginning:
Mass Media and the Democratic Political Process in Canada
This paper describes the relationship between the mass media (the news media, particularly) and the democratic political process in Canada – with especial attention to election campaigns in Canada. The paper offers a definition of Noam Chomsky’s important development of the Propaganda Model, outlines its filters and then discusses how a case can be made that recent Canadian elections have seen the media adopt aspects of the model in an effort to shape who gets into elected office. In the end, until the public is aware of the ways in which elections are shaped by vested media interests, democracy in Canada will remain compromised.
Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman, in their 1988 book,...
The end:
.....(including the advertising dollars) is coming from. Until people understand the “games” played by the media, they will never be able to take back their democracy.
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