Marx: In Zeitlin’s View


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Marx: In Zeitlin’s View
Marx established a foundation for critical and social theory with his works. That pivotal contribution has elicited a wealth of interpretation that scrutinizes, questions, and analyzes the formulations made by Marx. Zeitlin, along with many other social theorists, interprets Marx as having developed an explanation of societal forces and structures and history compelled by the impact of economics and materialism.
Marx’s early work focused on the freeing humanity from the alienation that was a result of economic exploitation in the wage labour market. His theories expanded as he matured though they continually accented the interplay between human beings, economic forces, and social classes.  The emphasis on economic...
The end:
.....hey were conceived.  Ultimately, the writing of Abraham and Morgan extends the history of sociological thought beyond the individual theorist to encompass the historical and cultural societal factors that influence theories.  Just as Marx espoused that ideas are best comprehended in their historical context rather than isolation.  The authors have extended the context of sociological thought to embrace historical and cross-cultural perspectives.
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