Marx, Epicurus and Life


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Marx, Epicurus and Life
The meaning of life is one of the most fundamental questions in philosophy. What most philosophers actually want to do is determine what would actually constitute a good life.
In this essay we will explore Marx’s argument about how the quality of life can drop due to alienation. Marx suggests that the current capitalistic economic system is resulting in people becoming more and more isolated.
Marx’s view will be contrasted with Epicurus’ view of life. Epicurus has a more positive view of life. He sees a good life being built upon balancing two features of life.
This essay will argue that Epicurus provides a more plausible view of the good life. Marx on the other hand creates a no win situation. Since there is no...
The end:
..... Epicurus make arguments about the nature of life. Marx sees life as a constant process of alienation and degradation. This means that you have no hope of improving your life in this system. Therefore, it is not a plausible view of life because it totally eliminates your ability to do anything.
Epicurus makes an argument based on self-improvement and community involvement. Therefore, his suggestions are more plausible.
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