Marketing Channel Selection for Fairwind Coffee


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This paper shall give consideration to the various marketing media channels and provide recommendations on the optimal mix for a local coffee shop. The paper also includes a media plan schedule for use by Fairwind Coffee management.
Marketing Channel Selection for Fairwind Coffee
Thanks to the technological innovations in communication over the past several decades, the number of media available to companies for marketing has grown immensely. While traditional forms of media such as print (newspaper, magazine, flyers), outdoor (billboards, signage), television and radio remain embedded as sound marketing investments, they remain expensive options compared to other marketing channels. For start-ups and smaller organizations, where...
The end:
.....ons should be bought within the first month of opening. Preferably, Fairwinds would attach a coupon with a reference code to track customer response so management can understand the ROI with each channel. Productive print channels should be utilized on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. The SMS alert campaign should not begin until Fairwinds has acquired a sufficient amount of customer contact information (~500+ sign-ups) before utilizing this channel. At the beginning of the SMS campaign, Fairwinds should send out several alerts each week to understand what offers best resonate with customers. As with all forms of marketing media, management must routinely assess the measured effectiveness of each channel and re-focus its strategy accordingly.