Manulife Canada


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Manulife Canada
Manulife Financial Corporation (“Manulife”) is an international insurance company, bank, and purveyor of financial services and products headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and offering insurance products and services in twenty-one countries worldwide. Manulife is one of the biggest purveyors of life insurance in the world. Manulife's approach to customer service is not centralized across the organization but rather proceeds in an isolated track within each line of business according to an organizational, as opposed to regional, hierarchy. Complaints to Manulife's Insurance division are handled entirely within that division, and only when the complaint resolution process within that division has been exhausted, can the...
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.....otes that recourse to this third-party dispute resolution can only be made after the remedies within the internal complaint resolution process have been exhausted. Thus it is likely that a customer who brought her complaint directly to the OLHI without first contacting Manulife's Customer Service would be turned away for not having exhausted these internal administrative remedies.
Manulife's Customer Service and complaint resolution processes are segregated by line of business, and are not differentiated by region. All complaints must be handled first by the internal complaint resolution processes, and only after these processes have failed to resolve a given complaint may a customer find recourse in the third-party arbitration of the OLHI.