Manga in the Classroom


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Manga in the Classroom
Manga. What is this word that we know hear so much about? Manga s a term for a specific type of comic book and/or print cartoon that comes from Japan. Much more than the traditional comic book that we think of, manga are a great source of literature in Japan and make up a great amount of the current publishing industry. However, there are many teachers and administrators who view manga as simple comic books, and as such they take issue with students reading them at school. They also do not consider them to be appropriate or serious reading material. However, there are a number of good reasons that manga should not only be allowed in school, but should be offered as a valid source of literature for the students to...
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..... multiple episodes at one time. If manga were allowed and offered in public schools, I have no doubt that they would become a huge success. Becuase they often hook a reader and make them interested in the ongoing plot of a specific story, manga actually encourages readers to read more and more and more. Because of this, manga would only foster more and more reading on campus among students. This is another reason why manga should be allowed in schools.
If teachers and administrators could put their preconceived notions and biases aside, not judge these works as meaningless filth, than they could respect manga as the great resource that it is. For the reasons listed above, I believe that manga should be allowed and offered in public schools.