Mandatory Arrest and Recidivism in Domestic Violence


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This paper shall investigate the policy of mandatory arrest as a method to prevent recidivism in case of domestic or intimate partner abuse. Studies into the origins of the mandatory arrest policy are reviewed. Methods of preventing recidivism are explored and a general conclusion is reached that the mandatory arrest policy is worthwhile but not effective as a tool to prevent recidivism.
Mandatory Arrest and Recidivism in Domestic Violence
The inquest into domestic violence as a crime has only emerged in the last four decades, prior to the 1970’s spousal abuse was considered a private marital matter and often tacitly approved of by some sub-cultures, however the high profile cases in the United States, the OJ Simpson affair...
The end:
.....rceration, and the balance of offenders responded well to treatment and counseling which reduced recidivism. Thus the policy of mandatory arrest should be continued but not look to as a method to prevent recidivism.
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