Mandating Democratic Political Participation as the Foundation of Citizenship


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Mandating Democratic Political Participation as the Foundation of Citizenship
This political science study will analyze the vital importance of democratic political participation as the foundation for citizenship. The citizen has a responsibility to the state to participate in elections and other political activities due to the input necessary to support a democratic system. The process of citizenship should mandate political roles in the community, which demand something more than economic or material contributions to the community. In a democracy, pluralist participation is necessary because of the threat of a few elites or leaders of the community taking control of political discourse. Without citizen involvement the danger of a...
The end:
..... right to speak out as a citizen is vital to preventing tyranny and elitist domination as a countermeasure to a democratic forum. In this manner, it should be a requirement of citizenship to participate in political life to encourage democracy and open discussions on political issues of the day.
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