Managing Criminal Justice


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Managing Criminal Justice
Officer Joe presents a real problem in criminal justice. Performance as an officer is not only about fighting crime, it is about relationship building, communication, and overall performance. His consistent excellence as the top performer is admirable, and should be applauded, but does not excuse illegal, inappropriate or dysfunctional behavior. At the same time, some of his negative behavior has not been shown to be factual violation of policy or detrimental to the department or his performance. Careful review of each of the issues of concern will help provide perspective on the behavior, evaluation of how to categorize it (appropriate, inappropriate, illegal, against the rules, etc.), and actions that should be...
The end:
..... will appreciate the efforts of the manager to help him perform at a higher level. If not, Joe may be disgruntled, but he will be less of a danger to himself and others and will be on the path to performance improvement or disciplinary action.
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