Management Theory Analysis


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Management Theory Analysis
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March 20, 2011
In order to change a culture of indecision in business, leaders must foster an environment of open communication and trust between the employees.
(2006) argued that “by using each encounter with his or her employees as an opportunity to model open, honest, and decisive dialogue, the leader sets the tone for the entire organization” (p. 110). In addition, the entire social framework of meetings, reviews, and other interactive situations must be focused on this type of expansive dialogue. Such communications standards increase the accountability within companies as employees are able to better transmit needed information regarding responsibilities and...
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.....ster an open communications environment. This in turn leads to the type of dialogue format whereby the corporate culture can be refined and better inculcated. In an absence of such environments, problems fester and get worse invariably. Leaders have the mandate to engage on this level and quite often employees expect leaders to conduct themselves in this manner. Such behavior is at the heart of leadership.
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