Management of E-Commerce Systems: Background Report


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Management of E-Commerce Systems: Background Report is the e-commerce arm of Tesco PLC, the largest British retail company. In keeping with Tesco’s emphasis on grocery and general merchandise, is devoted to selling the same kinds of goods one would expect to see in a Tesco retail location, with the addition of some merchandise that might not be in stock at every store.
The mainstay of is grocery sales over the Internet. To buy groceries, customers must first register, and are encouraged to sign up for a Tesco clubcard in the process, thus creating an online-offline synergy designed to increase customer loyalty. After registering, customers can browse through Tesco’s vast inventory of groceries and...
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.....are enticing.
Despite these quibbles, it should be noted that has been extraordinarily successful. Cheyfitz (2003) notes that the site became profitable in 2002, and that the entire Web business was constructed for $90 million, or 7.5 percent of what U.S. competitor Webvan spent on its e-commerce infrastructure in the early 2000s. However, it may be the case that could be even more profitable than it has been if it were to engage in design updates and add a search box to its main page.
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