Management Information System (MIS) for Human Resources at Thee-Sign Company


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Management Information System (MIS) For Human Resources at Thee-Sign Company
Introduction and Overview
Thee-Sign Company human resources is requiring a Management Information Systems upgrade to account for recent growth of twenty (20) employees. This paper will describe the components of the system that are needed, how each component will be applied and security threats and security implementations that will be added to the system. Special attention will be paid to the integration of the system with other organizational processes in other departments, so they work together effectively. The basic assumption is that Thee-Sign has computers for some organizational tasks, but the whole system needs to be upgraded and integrated.
Components of...
The end:
.....ersee the HR system administrator’s work to be sure the system is being used correctly and that employees are using it correctly and honestly. This also includes backing up of data and recovery procedures; data security controls that ensure backup to disk when backup disks are placed in storage; implementation controls that audit the system at various points in the network to ensure that the processes are properly controlled and managed; and administrative controls that includes the employee training on formal procedures, rules and standards that will be integrated into their workday from now on, beginning with the new HR system.
The final step is to enforce the use of MIS audits which is a measurement of how effective the security plan is.