Management and Work Reform


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The beginning:
Management and Work Reform
Can work be more participatory and satisfying?
The following paper looks at the goals and motivations for work reform from both the employer and the worker perspective. The paper also looks at the roles management, unions and the state can play in shaping workplaces and whether or not it is possible to reorganize work so that it becomes more satisfying and participatory. Finally, the paper looks at the goals of humanistic work reform and whether such can be reconciled with productivity and profit; some time will also be devoted to examining theoretical perspectives which might offer the most useful insights on the prospects (or lack thereof) of work reform. With regards to this last point, we may state that...
The end:
.....people – is impossible to overlook.
To end, work can be made participatory and exciting as long as the workers are given a voice that is often denied to them; they deserve this voice and it will certainly make them more committed and steadfast in advancing the goals of the organization. With a focus on human resources development and industrial democracy, an organization can enjoy great profitability.
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