“Man Versus Nature” in the Story “How Jack Hastings Sold His Mine”


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The beginning:
A Literary Analysis of “Man Versus Nature” in the Short Story “How Jack Hastings Sold His Mine” by Frances Fuller Victor
This literary analysis will describe the primary motivation of Mrs. Hastings submits to nature of a “Man versus Nature” scenario in the short story “How Jack Hastings Sold His Mine” by Frances Fuller Victor. When Mrs. Hastings arrives in Deep Canyon to see her husband at his mining camp, she is immediately threatened by the overwhelming by the cruel and unforgiving natural environment in which now must live. When she lives in Jack’s home, she is unable to deal with the crudeness of nature due to her being an urban woman. This is one example of why Jack Hastings sells his mine due to her inability to live in the wilds in...
The end:
.....olishly bought a mine that he could not sell, Alice becomes of aware of ways in which to sell the mine. After tricking Dr. Earle into buying the mine so that she could run away with him, she cleverly reunites herself with her husband. While nature has conquered Alice, she has freed herself by selling the mine and returning to civilization with her husband.
Works Cited
Victor, Frances Fuller. The New Penelope and Other Stories and Poems. New York: A. L. Bancroft & Company, 1877.
(Customer: The story you sent via the file was incomplete and it had pages missing. I had to find the story via “Google Books” in an anthology of Victor’s work. You will have to locate the quotes I used in your school textbook, since they were unavailable to me).