Malescowski and the Company


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The beginning:
Malescowski and the Company
1. Analyze and describe the issues faced by
and the company and the reasons for these issues
Malescowski and his company face two very important issues in terms of the plant in Wisconsin. The first issue is that closing that plant will put over five hundred Americans out of work and send yet more jobs out of the United States into Mexico. The second issue that they face is that they will be employing Mexican labor at a far cheaper rate, but simultaneously perpetuating a horrible existence for the group of people who will be working there. The lack of sanitation and the general lack of cleanliness and difficult environment will be further exacerbated by the exploitative labor practices of paying the...
The end:
.....would let them know that our next step would be a number of lay-offs unfortunately. It would then be my greatest hope that we could actually negotiate with them. If they still were unwilling to move I would alert them to the actual reality of what would ensue if we moved the plant to Mexico. We would replace the workers that we currently had with people who would be making for below the American minimum wage and that this would be the end of the plant in this town. Hopefully, by expressing the actual numbers, the unions would be able to take this information back to the employees and at least get them to accept a wage-cut in order to save the jobs in Wisconsin.
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