Malaria is an Emerging and Epidemic Disease


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Malaria is an Emerging and Epidemic Disease
Malaria is caused by plasmodium which is a type of protozoa. Also, its four sub genus - namely
, and
are all identified as causes for malaria in mankind.
is the cause of many deaths and illnesses reported in African countries. The disease is transmitted by Anopheles mosquito; the female mosquito. Especially in tropical areas of Africa, various viruses and bacteria thrive because the moist climate is a perfect breading ground for the mosquitoes that transmit these diseases. Fever is the first symptom that identifies malaria and is categorized as cerebral malaria in children and anemia in pregnant women (
, 1996). Malaria affects both the...
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.....also ensures that the timely supply of drugs is not hampered. Also, health sector reforms are required to eradicate malaria with more support needed from local, regional, and national governments to both encourage further scientific studies and support effective treatment efforts.
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