Making Light of Oppression in a Darkened World


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Making Light of Oppression in a Darkened World
Many great works of art rely on pushing boundaries. Good work- in many people’s opinion- should be a transforming experience, one based not on beauty but on pushing boundaries and making connections that will forever change a reader’s perspective on life. The three art works explored in class though they are different media and style all do this. “Peter Piper” in RUN DMC’s Raising Hell album, William Blake’s poem “Jerusalem” and Dudley Randall’s poem “Ballad of Birmingham” all use graphic, emotional imagery as a call to action against oppression and adversity.
Run DMC’s song “Peter Piper” takes the original tongue twister of Peter Piper and makes it more modern. It talks about Peter Piper in a...
The end:
.....atus quo, which is in this case, is British Imperialism.
“Jerusalem,” like “Peter Piper” and “Ballad of Birmingham,” are emotional calls to arms against poor popular practices. The amending of these practices is of course a long (and in many cases, unending) struggle for equality and peace. RUN DMC’s “Peter Piper” is a call to make fringe music more seriously considered, and fight against black oppression in the music industrial and culturally. “Ballad of Birmingham” uses a personal perspective to end inequality and violence in America during the “Jerusalem” also takes a stand against improper British practices of imperialism. All of these three works of art are remarkable in their progressive natures, and their ability to rally for change.