Major Health Issue for Older Adults: Family Caregiving


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Major Health Issue for Older Adults: Family Caregiving
Demographics are drastically changing currently so that the health needs of a rapidly aging population are combined with the impacts of restructuring of the health care system. Family caregivers therefore have to assume the care of relatives who have chronic illnesses and disabilities. Family caregiving very often leads to high levels of stress and illness for the caregiver since structured support and resources are lacking for these caregivers and there is no public policy which addresses their role (CCC, 2009). As well as care for the high numbers of older people today, there also must be urgent attention to the needs of unpaid caregivers who are actually shouldering much of the...
The end:
.....esigned policy. Caregivers work alone and with other family members so that their needs are diverse. Attention must be paid to that variety of needs.
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