Major Figures in Film in the Twentieth Century


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Major Figures in Film in the Twentieth Century
Two of the major figures in film in the twentieth century were Orson Welles in America and Jean Renoir in France. Both directors made films outside of their primary milieu, Welles in England and France, and Renoir in the United States. The two can be seen as representing somewhat different filmmaking traditions, in each case related to the common elements of their national cinema industries. Welles came originally from a theater background, and he learned what he needed about filmmaking by spending months watching films at RKO before starting on his first film, Citizen Kane, released in 1941. His approach is more formalistic in part because American film has always had a strong sense of...
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.....hree central characters and a number of related characters, while in Rules of the Game, he focuses on groups and manages to observe different levels of action taking place at roughly the same time, moving the camera from one level and one group to another. There are formalistic elements in this approach, of course, but in a different way than with the films of Welles. For Renoir, such shifts are only a recognition of the reality of the social order, a reflection of life as it is found.
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