Major Depressive Disorder


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Major Depressive Disorder
I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder when I was twelve years old. I remember a period in my life when it was particularly bad. I think I temporarily stopped taking my medications. I was coming to an end of a period of disorder where I had been unraveling. School was out for the summer and I was generally idle, not having much to do or much interest in doing anything. My friends were either at camp, partaking in some other form of extracurricular activity, in summer school, or taking vacations with their families. I was fifteen years old and had contained myself in my bedroom for the better part of the summer. Fortunately, my bedroom was quite large and so I occupied it exclusively, only leaving my...
The end:
.....her and I went about our lives as if there was nothing plaguing it. We talked, we laughed, and we ate. We went to get groceries, picked up the dry-cleaning, and even watched a movie in the theatre. I think we both realized that day when the people close to me act like there is something wrong, it only does more to accommodate my disorder. But when the people close to me act there is absolutely nothing wrong with, like my mother did that day, I’m more likely to forget that I am sick. Over the years, I have learned to control my disorder. I take my medications every day and I still see a psychologist. Hopefully, I will get to the point where despite the actions of the people around me, I will be able to live regularly and control my disorder.