Main Players in Fight Club: Tyler Durden, Marla Singer and the Narrator


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The beginning:
Main Players in Fight Club: Tyler Durden, Marla Singer and the Narrator
Introduction to the Novel
What the novel has to offer its readers
The importance of the novel
THESIS: The three main characters in Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Fight Club all represent pieces of a full human being; each needs each other, but is in direct conflict with the others.
2. The Narrator, topic sentence: The narrator is the everyman that both grounds Fight Club but also provides gaps in which the other characters fill.
A. Narrator as the “everyman”
B. Stuck in his everyday life, with everyday wants and needs
C. The straight man- no human nurturing or adventure
3. Tyler Durden, Topic Sentence: Tyler Durden is the extreme of the narrator, who is a leader and an...
The end: Tyler is the embodiment of the id, doing what he wills no matter what the implications. Marla is the matriarch of the story, inciting love and inspiration in Tyler and the narrator, who at the end are the same individual. Without these three integral parts, there would be an emptiness to the story, a longing. The other themes in the story also wouldn’t be as well articulated. Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Fight Club has three seminal characters: all represent pieces of an integral whole; each needs each other despite fundamental character differences.
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