Main Ideas of the Readings


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Main Ideas of the Readings
The reading presented for this week focus on cultural issues in adult development. For instance, Nelson, Badger and Wu (2004) examine the cultural issues which shape the individual's transition into adulthood, considering these issues from the perspective of the Chinese culture. The main ideas drawn from this reading support the idea that while there are some aspects of adulthood which are universal, there are cultural antecedents which will shape the specific action and direction that is pursued by the individual in adulthood. In Chinese and more collectivist cultures, events such as marriage or the completion of school often mark the individual's entrance into adulthood. However, Nelson and coworkers argue that...
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.....d from this unit in the context of the helping profession, a review of my personality suggests that I am well suited to work in this profession. Further, I believe that a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses will enable me to be a more well-rounded individual. Specifically, I recognize that I have a strong tendency to place the needs of others before my own needs. Even though this is necessary in some situations, I will need to learn how to balance these issues so that I can provide the best support and help for others. I will not be at my best if I do not take time to work on myself and meet my own needs. I believe that recognizing and understanding these issues will make me a better person and a better helping professional.