Magicant International: A Business Ethics Case


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Magicant International: A Business Ethics Case
1. There are multiple stakeholders affected by the decisions made by Magicant and its employees. The most important stakeholder, in my opinion, is the general public. Magicant plans to go ahead with engineering new automobile parts without the proper experience and knowledge, which could potentially lead to car accidents wherever Major Motors vehicles are sold. In addition, the stakeholders in this case also include all Magicant and Major Motors shareholders, their boards and employees, and their present customers. If the company’s actions lead to disgrace and lawsuits, everyone will be affected. Sam’s family (and likely the families of other employees as well) also have a stake in the...
The end:
.....and despite the fact that Sam may personally benefit from following Jim’s orders, he will be only acquiring a short-term gain which will be won at the expense of the general public. Because these possibly flawed automobile parts could cause public accidents and injuries on a widespread basis, it is more important to put an end to this than fulfill Sam’s individual career goals. The social good must be preserved before any individual needs are met, because, in the long run, without an intrinsically well-functioning society, no one’s needs will be met.
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