Medicare For All: The Solution to America’s Health Care Crisis


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Medicare For All: The Solution to America's Health Care Crisis
Universal health care is a controversial issue in the United States, but it is not controversial in any other Western society. The United States is the only major industrialized country that does not provide universal health care for its citizens. Unlike in the United States, where health care is considered a commodity to be bought and sold, the citizens of every other major industrialized country understand that health care is a basic human right and the government provides it to everyone.
45,000 Americans have been dying every year because they cannot get the health care they need. America is suffering a Hurricane Katrina death toll every month, a 9/11 death toll...
The end:
.....€™s healthcare system. Comprehensive reform is necessary, and Medicare For All must be the foundation of that comprehensive reform. In the final analysis, it is time for every American to understand and acknowledge that health care should not be bought and sold like a commodity. It is a fundamental human right and should be provided accordingly to everyone who needs it.
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