Lung Cancer: Tumor Types, Diagnoses, Treatment and Prevention


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Lung Cancer: Tumor Types, Diagnoses, Treatment and Prevention
Lung cancer makes up 12% of the number of cancer diagnoses worldwide, and is the most fatal cancer in men and second most in women (Garcia 14). In the United States, lung cancer is predicted to be the number one cause for cancer-related deaths in both men and women (American Cancer Society 10). Lung cancer manifests in several forms, the two most common being small-cell (SCLC) and non-small-cell (NSCLC) carcinomas (Lung Cancer Guide).
The NSCLC classification is the most common, accounting for approximately 80% of lung cancer diagnoses (Lung Cancer Guide). NSCLC presents in several different forms based on cellular histologies that can be identified under a light microscope by...
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.....vival rate for patients with unmetastized, local tumors is 50%, compared to a 15% survival rate for all stages in the United States (American Cancer Society 15). Current clinical trials involving new screening technologies will show if early diagnosis will reduce mortality (American Cancer Society 15, Garcia 15-16, Lung Cancer).
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