Lowering the Drinking Age from 21 to 18


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Lowering the Drinking Age from 21 to 18
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Lowering the Drinking Age from 21 to 18
There is a growing controversy among young people, government authorities and watchdog groups surrounding the debate as to whether or not the legal drinking age should be lowered from 21 to 18. The laws during the 1970s allowed a lot of states to have a drinking age set at 18 or 19, then in the 1980s the laws across the nation were unilaterally changed to up the legal drinking age to 21. There should be no debate: the legal age should stay at 21. Young people are not yet fully developed mentally and make bad decisions sober, let alone under the influence of alcohol. Neuroscience has proven that the brain at 18-21 is not...
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.....ballot. This is a democracy: let the people have their say.
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