Los Angeles as Breaker of Dreams


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The beginning:
Los Angeles as Breaker of Dreams: Goodnight Hollywood Boulevard and “Goodbye Surfing, Hello God!”
Los Angeles means many things to different people. Los Angeles can be viewed as a sub-tropical paradise, a conglomeration of cultures, a Punk Rock Haven or hell on earth. To Brian Wilson in Jules Siegel’s “Goodbye Surfing, Hello God!” and to Ryan Adams in his popular song, Goodnight Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles isn’t only a place where dreams and ambitions are broken, but it creates a sense of insanity for all who endure the city. Both Adams and Siegel paint a picture of high ambitions in the city of Los Angeles, and these ambitions being compromised by the manic search for hipness, acceptance and stability. These two artists’ perceptions...
The end:
.....woman failing short at fame and her own dreams. Siegel’s “Goodbye Surfing, Hello God!” talks about how Brian Wilson, arguably a musical genius, fails at his dreams of reaching the heights of success that he wanted. Both stories are bitter and haunting portrayals of the Los Angeles lifestyle. “Goodbye Surfing, Hello God!” and Goodnight Hollywood Boulevard create this perspective of Los Angeles through using an outsider’s viewpoint, demonstrating internal and external pressures and referencing success as akin to God.
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