Living with Darwin: A Glimpse at Philip Kitcher


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The beginning:
Living with Darwin: A Glimpse at Philip Kitcher
What follows is a three-page paper exploring the issues covered by Philip Kitcher in his text outlining the contemporary status of evolutionary thought. The paper will briefly discuss Kitcher’s overall argument; the issues he raises; and – not least of all – the paper discusses what Kitcher means by “living with Darwin” and what this entails. Ultimately, Kitcher raises many issues that all essentially come down to how human beings can solve the problems of spiritual nihilism and ennui without having the luxury of relying upon God as a crutch.
To get things started, it appears as though Kitcher’s basic argument is that Darwinism is intellectually defensible and that it is foolish and dangerous...
The end:
.....ears as though Kitcher is basically saying that human beings can no longer lay the blame for things – or, to be more accurate, the responsibility for things – on some supernatural being; human beings will have to make the world a better place in a godless society.
To end briefly, this paper has looked at the central message, major themes, and underlying “point” of Philip Kitcher’s controversial text effectively discrediting the intelligent design movement. When all is said and done, we have before us a text that demands human beings take responsibility for their own problems rather than turning to invisible Gods.
Work Cited
Kitcher, Philip. Living with Darwin: Evolution, Design and the Future of Faith. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007.