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Literature Review  
First Nations and Inuit communities have been heavily impacted by the expansion of midwifery. Midwifery is an alternative to Western health care that provides great opportunities for First Nations and Inuit women to be empowered and to provide support for one another. The significance of the topic is that aboriginal communities have their own cultural traditions related to childbirth which are linked with the concept of empowerment. The women in these communities need to have control over their own birth outcomes and their own lives. According to 
 and Sanderson (2007), Native peoples have the resources they need but require training in order to take control of their own health and maternity needs....
The end:
.....erment and enabling these people to have complete control over their health and maternity needs. Doing so would allow maternity care to come from within the communities instead of outside and from the medical model. 
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