Literary Analysis of “My Father Is a Simple Man”


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Literary Analysis of “My Father Is a Simple Man”
On May 25, 2008, contemporary poetry lost an important poet as death called home Luis Omas Salinas (Buckley). Buckley states that Salinas’s health had declined but this did not keep him from working and during 2000 and 2005, he wrote and revised his final book, Elegy for Desire. Salinas is the type of author who let nothing stop him from reaching a goal or defer from his poetry that he loved, which can be seen in the final stages of his death. His life was simple as seen by his love of poetry and the types of poems that he wrote, yet his love for life can be seen and felt in his poems. Salina was born on June 27, 1937 to Olivia and Rosendo Salina in Robstown, Texas (Buckley). Unfortunately,...
The end:
.....has several good poems. Several of his poems are sad, but he puts a lot of his soul and personal feelings into his poems. He uses a lot of imagery that brings his poems alive to the reader. The diction and tone is simple and easy to read. The influence on others is that they can relate to the poems. The poems are down to earth and easy to understand. Read “My Father Is a Simple Man” and how simple it is to read but how it touches the soul.
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