Limits of Tolerance/ Reasonable Accommodation in “Too Asian?”, “Brick Lane” and “Machete”


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Limits of Tolerance/ Reasonable Accommodation in “Too Asian?”, Brick Lane, and Machete
Three texts will be used to explore the ideas surrounding the limits of tolerance/ reasonable accommodations. The headings of limits of tolerance and reasonable accommodation will be joined together under limits of tolerance, as they suggest a similar idea (at least for this paper). The texts are an article by Findlay and Kohler in Maclean’s – “Too Asian?”, a novel by Monica Ali – Brick Lane, and a film by Robert Rodriguez – Machete. All three of these texts deal with the limits of tolerance of a society in regard to another ethnic group. They all suggest that one minority has gone too far. The minority has gone beyond the reasonable amount of tolerance...
The end:
.....s, but when their ambition becomes too great they are attacked by the rest of society. The case is similar for
. She is tolerated when she is at a survival level of happiness. However, when she goes beyond this survival level and finds love, she is breaking cultural laws. Machete suggests that Mexican labour is allowed only when they are doing the worst and most difficult jobs. And even with their strong work ethic, they are always the first ones under suspicion.
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