Lifting a Moratorium on Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration in BC


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Lifting a Moratorium on Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration in BC
With provincial governments throughout Canada looking for added revenue sources and potential job creation projects during these challenging economic times, a renewed interest has been made on opening up BC’s offshore moratorium on oil and gas exploration. Since the federal moratorium was put in place in 1971, there have been renewed pushes for lifting this ban every few years. Yet it is important to weigh the potential costs alongside the benefits that may be available for both workers and the provincial government (
Before a moratorium on offshore exploration could be lifted, an initial determination would need to be reached as to who actually owns the resources to...
The end:
.....y labor intensive. Thus a focus on development of an energy efficiency and renewable energy industry may be a far more productive use of scarce government dollars (Pinfold).
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