Lifestyle and Disease Prevention Case Assignment


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Lifestyle and Disease Prevention Case Assignment
Physical activity in older individuals causes a reduction in the decline of the health of individuals that is associated with the aging process (Mazzeo & Tanaka, 2001). Strategies to increase physical activity in the elderly include the use of peer support groups. In a study by Dorgo, Robinson, and Bader (2009) the changes in the physical, social and emotional function of older adults who receive exercise training from peer mentors is compared to a group who receive the training from kinesiology students. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the significance of the research problem, the intervention used, the success of the study and the applicability of the research study conducted...
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.....d older adult fitness program on perceived physical, mental, and social function. Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 21(2), 116-22
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