Life Sentences


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Life Sentences
(1)Whether our existing life sentences parole eligibility dates are too harsh.
Canada’s life sentences parole eligibility dates need to be more lenient. Currently, the Criminal Code mandates that offenders sentenced to a life sentence are eligible for parole after twenty-five years in the case of first degree murder and second degree murder, where the offender has previously been convicted of a culpable homicide; and ten to twenty-five years in the case of second degree murder when the offender has never been convicted of homicide (Griffiths, 2007, p. 350). Moreover, mandatory minimum sentences (
) are explicit in several offences such as first and second-degree murder (Griffiths, 2007, p. 258). A review of studies...
The end: provide a voice for women (Roberts and Grossman, 2008, p. 110). Moreover, she has done radio shows, newspaper interviews and comments educating the public on lifers (Roberts and Grossman, 2008, p. 110).
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