Liberal Agency of Muslim Women in Countering Western Patriarchal Bias


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An Analysis of the Liberal Agency of Muslim Women in Countering Western Patriarchal Bias in Religious Tradition
This study will analyze the liberal agency and feminist diversity of roles for Muslim women in Arabic culture to counter the western patriarchal biases imposed on them. The use of a western gauge in measuring the liberties of women in the Muslim are often limited and over generalized., resulting in a bias that does not reflect the liberal agency that women possess in Arabic cultures. By observing the diversity of cultural roles of women in Arabic religious culture, the negation of these western dominated international patriarchal values can be deconstructed. In essence, the cultural relativism of liberal agency in the gender...
The end:
..... relativistic roles for women outside of western propaganda. These complex identities reveal the necessity of liberal agency as a vital tool for international feminism that identifies specific and particular gender roles for women at the regional level, which diversifies and delineates the bias that Arabic women receive in the western world.
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