Letter of Agreement between the Entwhistles and Dabble Distributing Company


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The beginning:
Letter of agreement between: Electromat Manufacturing & Sales and Dabble Distributing, Inc.
Re: distribution agreement for Electric doormats
To whom it may concern:
The following is a formal letter of agreement between Myron and Midred Entwhistle and Dabble Distributing Company. The objective of this agreement is to ensure that the rights of both parties are properly protected from injury. With this in mind, the following terms have been established that shall remain in place throughout the entirety of this contract.
To commence, it must be established the Entwhistle’s do retain certain privileges and rights with regards to the trademark, “Electromat.” Dabble Distributing Company must not distribute any products to retailers that have...
The end:
.....t involves them violating the exclusivity arrangements discussed at the outset will also lead to the contract being ended. However, the contract cannot be terminated if defective products come about because mishandling by the manufacturer; the costs of replacing such defective items will, of course, be absorbed by the manufacturer. Both parties agree that, should Dabble Distributing, Inc., wish to move forward and distribute the product outside the province, they may only do so by formalizing a new agreement with the other side. In this agreement, the same conditions discussed above with regards to trademark and sales criteria shall remain in place – subject only to modification according to the state or provincial laws of the new territory