Leslie Beck’s Review of Nutrition


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The beginning:
Leslie Beck’s Review of Nutrition
The article I have selected to critique is Leslie Beck’s review of nutrition in 2008, as published in The Globe and Mail, 13 March 3008. A link to this article will appear in the bibliography, at the end of this essay.
The health implications in this article are that not all of the health information we receive are solely an issue of how they affect our health. There is also a clear concern for how the benefits of certain vitamins verses the dangers of hidden calorie counts are perceived. This is very important when we consider how our well being intercepts with our own perception of our well being with regard to the media and to ourselves. In other words, this article ranks the popularity of certain...
The end:
..... it is simply pitching wares to whomever is willing to pay for the next chance to win some kind of health lottery. That would entail listening to the experts, following their instructions, and then finding out later on if the experts were right about anything they said.
This does not make the experts
. This makes the experts con artists. The nutrition industry is a very tricky one indeed.
Health Studies 200 Assignment One, Bibliography
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