Lembcke on Social Isolation and Consumption in the Facebook Era


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The beginning:
Lembcke on Social Isolation and Consumption in the Facebook Era
Introduction and Overview of Lembcke’s Ideas
Lembke’s 2010 article from the Chronicle of Higher Education touched on several points about the differences in society today and in the last great decade of activism, the 1960’s. Using the example of lessened activism on college campuses, and less interest in overall cohesiveness of activating people for a cause, Lembcke’s criticsm lies with basically two overall arguments.
First, that the “fragmented communities” that are prevalent in today’s society are a result of the increased use of technology, like mobile devices, and social networking, like Facebook, that serve to fragment and isolate individuals as opposed to collectively...
The end:
.....e coming decades.
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