Legal Issues Facing the Hospitality Management Industry


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The beginning:
Legal Issues Facing the Hospitality Management Industry
A) Introduction
B) Hypothesis
C) Contractual Default Lawsuits
D) Communication Disruptions
E) Conclusion: Other Legal Issues Facing the Hospitality Management Industry
A) Introduction
The world has become smaller to the point that what happens in one country affects others as the wind of globalization sweeps across the globe. The hospitality management industry has its share of legal problems which may hinder the day to normal operation of the hospitality organizations. Due to the nature of the hospitality business, it is more likely that what happens in other industries may directly or indirectly impact on some aspects of the hospitality business. For example a downturn in...
The end:
.....s would impact the future of hospitality management industry one way or the other. Future hospitality managers should be prepared to deal with the numerous legal challenges which may face the hospitality industry in the coming years.
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