Legal Activism and Discrimination toward Women


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Legal Activism and Discrimination toward Women
When women take the step of going to court to pursue equal rights, are they successful? Does it make a different to lobby and to pursue changes in legislation? When a person actually thinks about legal activists, are the programs that are provided for political change successful? These are questions that the quest speaker discussed during her speech that caught and held the attention of her audience. The speaker discusses how the government submits reports to the international Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) to present shadow groups for elimination and discrimination. It is important to consider human rights, how lobbying and legislature plays...
The end:
.....I) would mean giving people responsibility so providing child care would allow women to work if they wanted the money. Legislature can make changes that would bring changes that lobbying has not brought.
Many of the changes in the legislature have not stopped discrimination nor has it stopped poverty. The focus of the speaker is that something needs to be done to bring about changes in the legislation that activism has not done yet. Whether guaranteed annual income would stop poverty and discrimination is to be questioned, but definitely women and children suffer from poverty and changes do need to be made.
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