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The beginning:
Learning Plan
1. Proposed Topic:
The topic I have chosen to research is globalization. In particular, I am interested in an analysis of globalization as imperialism in action.
2. Resources and Strategies
I will look for resources in the library, as well as online. It may be that some less traditionally academic sources are valuable. I will be looking to develop the anti-establishment point of view, such as it espoused by opponents of globalization. However, I would like to do this in a balanced way, backed up by facts. Moreover, I would like to consider opposing points of view, such as the view that globalization is good for everyone because it promotes free trade, as espoused by Hewitt in “Free Trade for a Fair, Prosperous World.”
The end:
.....nder, Jerry. “Intrinsic negative effects of economic globalization on the environment.” In Speth, James Gustave (Ed.) Worlds apart: Globalization and the environment. Washington: Island Press, 2003.
Rosett, Claudia. “Kojo & Kofi: Unbelievable U.N. stories.” National Review online. Retrieved January 15, 2010 from web site: http://www.nationalreview.com/comment/ rosett200403101819.asp.
Stiglitz, Joseph E. Globalization and its discontents. New York, W.W. Norton & Company, 2002.
4. Target Dates for Completion
Week 14: Write first draft.
Week 15: Get feedback from tutor.
Weeks 16 – 21: Write final draft of essay
Weeks 22-23: Review spelling, organization, format, references and soundness of my argument.
Week 24: Send in the final paper.