Leadership Shown in the Film “Glory”


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Leadership Shown in the Film "Glory"
This paper shall use the 1989 film Glory as an example of leadership and team building. The two books of First, Break All the Rules and Results Based Leadership are used for business guides for leadership. The examples from the film are analogized to a real world business hypothetical. The hypothetical are then analyzed and compared to concepts related in the two business publications on leadership.
Leadership Shown in the Film Glory
The acclaimed 1989 film Glory staring Matthew Broderick and Denzel Washington and the rest of their Civil War Company being tossed into a mass grave after a fail assault on Fort Wagner, South Carolina (Zwick, 1989, n.p.). Those managers interested in results based...
The end:
.....lect well on the rest of the corporation serving a useful purpose. The reality of the managers being in a dead end position with a failing division that will ultimately end in the mass grave of downsizing may not be an attractive assignment for many aspiring corporate managers. The film Glory is an example of leadership and building teams, however the outcomes many not be as exemplary for those wishing to build a long career with the corporation.
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