Law School Applications to Three Law Schools


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Law School Applications to Three Law Schools
The University of Ottawa
Part A
I would like to take this opportunity to apprise the Admissions Committee of the factors that contributed to my less than stellar academic performance in my first undergraduate year at York University.
It was in my first year at York University that I experienced, for the first time, the full impact of my decision to immigrate to Canada alone. In retrospect, I feel it was only when I entered York, and experienced a university environment for the first time since my experiences at Tehran University years before, that the culture shock of my transition to Canada really impacted me for the first time. In particular, this period of focused study brought into relief my...
The end:
.....own from years of following the BBC World Service in Iran, negatively impacted my emotional well-being and contributed directly to my less than impressive academic performance that year.
This being said, I ask that the Admissions Committee – in their assessment of my marks – consider these factors, together with the fact that after this initial year my academic performance at York steadily improved, with my ranking in the top 5-6% in the 2008-2009 academic year, leading to my being named to the Dean’s List. In this analysis, when my academic performance is considered in a larger context, I believe that you will come to see my less than impressive performance in that year as an “outlier” that is not reflective of my true skills or potential.