Steve Forbes’ “Largely Useless, Even Harmful” on the Financial Crisis


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Steve Forbes' “Largely Useless, Even Harmful” on the Financial Crisis
Steve Forbes is the editor in chief of Forbes magazine and is unashamed of his strongly conservative views, both politically and economically. He proffered himself as a Republican candidate for President several times and continues to have great sway in conservative political circles. His economic views are strictly free market and liaise faire when it comes to governmental regulation and intervention. In a July 2009 editorial he reviewed the current economic and financial crisis and present Obama administration and congressional efforts to reform the financial system to avoid future crisis. Forbes is critical of these efforts and is not exclusively critical of...
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.....s afoul of the open and free flow of information as only the governmental regulators can predict their next move and selection process for the handing out of bail outs.
It is clear in Forbes article that he is a strong proponent of the free market, and without specifically stating feels that the economic rules of a perfectly competitive market would have avoid both the Housing Bubble and the Wall Street debacle. The intervention by the government and their rule making is at the core of the crisis and its attempts to manipulate a perfectly competitive market into some sort of perfectly fair and socially just market had disastrous consequences.
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