Language and Culture: Language Establishes our Paradigms and Cosmology


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The beginning:
Language and Culture: Language Establishes our Paradigms and Cosmology
The following paper looks at language and culture and how language establishes our paradigms and our cosmology; in other words, language is the thing we use and need in order to order our world, in order to describe and define that world, and in our to express our self-perceptions and even our place in that world. Language, it may be said, renders comprehensible the semiotics of the surrounding world because language is the tool that allows us to name certain things and to give them the proper designations that facilitate interaction with other people. In a real sense, if you cannot have your own language, than the language of other people is the communicative currency...
The end:
.....ut whether we will be constructed by ourselves or whether an alien group will do this for us. As soon as a culture allows someone else to impose language in lieu of our own, we become subject to that other party and we lose our autonomy and, perhaps, we also lose our own indescribably important self-dignity.
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