Language and Communication Lesson Plan


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Language and Communication Lesson Plan
a.One simple content objective I could focus on for a lesson would be an oral recitation of the basic rules of soccer. Because most of the students in my class come from families hailing from countries where soccer is the main sport, my students have a fairly good knowledge of how to play the game. By allowing them the opportunity to speak more on the subject, it could reinforce their English skills. I would just have them recite five basic rules orally and then we would compile a comprehensive list we all shout out as a class.
b.The content standard utilized would be “Comprehension and Organization and Delivery of Oral Communication.” The specific component of this standard for grades 9-12 I would...
The end:
.....olars having to pine on every word a professor is uttering. In fact, writing the objectives for them and then explaining the instructions on how to achieve these objectives was a vital combination of techniques necessary to hammer home what it takes to get these exercises completed. Without this comprehensive approach, the students were unlikely to learn as much. Actually, even during the process where I would write the objectives, the questions would start from the students. This was my proof that the theories we have studied in this course, particularly those elucidated in SIOP, were holding true. The students’ questions were signs that they were involved in the objectives already and that they were highly concerned with doing a good job.