Land Surveying as a Crucial Political and Legal Issue


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The beginning:
Land Surveying as a Crucial Political and Legal Issue
-Land Surveying
-History, significance of legal precedence from inaccuracy
-Legal and political power reflects initial surveying
-Tom DeLay attempts to redistrict
Legal Precedence
-1805 Land Act
-Attempts to alter Land Act
-Diagonal Sectioning
Surveying Errors
-Inaccurate measuring
-Modernization of measuring
-Effects of and prevention of surveying tampering
Political Power
-Tom DeLay redistricting
-Illegal redistricting another mark in surveying precedence
-Surveying remains at the forefront of power as landowners have power
Land surveying is a crucial political and legal issue that has become more accurate with the advent of specific technologies, but has a...
The end:
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